At KTL Australia we offer end-to-end logistical solutions.  Our aim is to reduce the long term impacts brought about by inefficient supply chain processes, increasing freight cost and the uncertain economic environments of today in which global markets are vulnerable.

Whether you’re a first time shipper or experienced in the field, at KTL Australia we offer a range of carriers and services to provide total shipping solutions for you. Shipping can be complicated; however we are here to make your freight forwarding experience as seamless as possible. With a team of talented and diverse individuals with extensive experience in many facets of the industry, we possess exceptional knowledge and networks which can be leveraged to provide you with outstanding results. We will produce service specifications that will satisfy all your needs and we are available to assist you in any capacity.

We have adopted the ideology of exclusive and flexible models of freight management consultancy to invest in and maximise your return as well as driving profits.

Our model is based on basic principles empowering and strengthening the key areas of:

  • Purchasing influence
  • Skills in key areas
  • Networking capabilities
  • Negotiation leverage
  • Thorough knowledge of logistical processes

Our tailored solutions result in:

  • Savings on the freight component of logistical solutions
  • Productive & efficient distribution services
  • Helpful reporting keeping you regularly updated and informed
  • A single point of contact for all of your freight management requirements
  • Quintessential customer service
  • The free up of valuable resources
  • Consolidation of your logistics management
  • Strategies for genuine end-to-end solutions

Let us consult on your logistical requirements to ensure you are receiving and exceeding in providing a distinguished service to your customers.