Coastal Shipping

KTL Australia is dedicated to providing distribution solutions for the Australian domestic market. We are able to provide our customers with a solution for any Australian destination and for any type of cargo.

We can offer movement of containerised cargo from all Australian ports whether it is from the East Coast to West Coast, South Australia or the Northern Territory. Our service selections can also offer you options by sea to Tasmania which can also be accommodated direct from Sydney and Melbourne and by rail and sea from Brisbane.

Transit for domestic transport & freight services from east coast locations such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to west coast Fremantle (Perth) and vice versa don’t have to be costly or complicated.  Our Tasman solutions to all Tasmanian cities keep you connected to Tasmania and the mainland with daily service solutions and multiple delivery options.

KTL Australia’s coastal shipping solutions include:

  • Containerised, break-bulk, road & rail options
  • We will ensure you are receiving the most cost effective solution for your intestate destination
  • Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide loadings for shipments to Fremantle (Perth), including onward transportation via road or rail to the final destination

If you are required to ship cargo domestically consider these valuable benefits:

  • Significantly reduced east coast to west costs
  • Multiple weekly options for shipping and delivery tailored as best as possible to your exact requirements
  • Coastal shipping via a vessel is the lowest carbon-emitting mode of transport on a tonne per kilometre basis versus other modes, according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE)

At KTL Australia we are committed to keeping Australia connected and making domestic shipping as easy and as cost effective as possible.