Break-bulk / Project Cargo

At KTL Australia we recognise that every large scale project is unique.

Break Bulk Cargo is different from standard shipping services because often items are unsuitable for transport in standard sized shipping containers. These items are usually transported as individual pieces due to being oversized and overweight.

Whether being construction, automotive or energy related, KTL Australia is dedicated to our customers by setting high standards of quality, dependability and proficiency.  You can rest assured our staff and team members have applied functional, practical and sound logistics principles, when handling oversized and heavy items or shipments consisting of complex components.  We will always ensure a solid agenda of flexible transportation services and particle solutions.

We have a range of experience in break-bulk cargo with the majority of it specialising in Industrial Machinery, Construction, Mining Equipment and other types of cargo that require special attention. RO/RO (roll-on, roll-off) cargo for commodities such as vehicles is another area in which we can provide you with a tailored service. We take care of any additional services required, such as special cranes, and transport to ensure your cargo is loaded and unloaded without delay.